About Me

'Creativity is in my blood'

When I was a kid, my Granddad would sit down for hours with me and teach me how to use a paint brush. I spent every school holiday with my Gran and Granddad, and I would sit all day at the dining room table, creating and dreaming my days away. By the time I was in my teens, I was selling my art work to guests and passers-by at our guesthouse in sunny Scarborough. I loved anything creative, and by the time I was in my late teens, I had a go at hairdressing. I just loved hanging out with the hair stylists and experimenting with different colors and techniques.

Fast forward twenty years and three children later, I am now a qualified registered nurse, and health and safety professional, living in New Zealand. I have rediscovered my passion for art and photography and embarked on my photographic journey. I have always tried to keep up my painting skills, and also run my own small business selling my art work and jewelry online and through a local shop in New Brighton. However, I never really looked at photography until a couple of years ago, and I've got to admit it... I'm pretty well hooked now.

Over the last two years I have started attending photography club on a weekly basis, and have emerged myself into online forums and tutorials I network with some amazing photographers and have attended several of Scott Fowler's photography workshops where I have mastered the art of natural light Portraiture. I especially love wedding photography, family shoots, creative photography and of course, portraiture, I'll basically have a go at anything! Photography has opened up a whole new magical world of art for me, and I hope you like looking at my photo's as much as I loved creating them.

You can take a look at my art website by clicking on the link below.

Thank you for calling by!